Of Mice and Woman

We have a mouse problem.

We have pets and love birds. So, no poison. I have been using the sticky traps. It makes me feel so cruel. Seeing them stuck to the traps. I know it is a slow death.

My daughter’s boyfriend has a soft heart. One day he found a couple of traps with mice stuck to them. So he took them outside and somehow got the mice off the traps. The mice immediately made a beeline back to the house.

I looked online for a no kill trap. I found one from Lehman’s called The Tin Cat Mouse Trap. It is about the size of a pack of computer paper made of tin. There is a couple of places for the mice to get inside but not out. It has nice air holes.

The mice mocked me. They didn’t go in. But they left the equivalent of a mousy “Kill Roy was here” leaving their dropping all around the trap.

I think I have finally gotten all the food stuff into an odd assortment of canisters or water proofed sealed plastic containers. This seems to have made the mice extra nervous. I found evidence everywhere this morning. I am so sick of washing everything in my cupboards and pantry.

Tonight I am going to put some peanuts in the Tin Cat. Hopefully that will entice them in. Then I will take them for a little ride and release them into a field.

Hmmm…must see if I can find a copy of Born Free to play. NOT.

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