I have been reading Sue Monk Kidd’s book “Dance of the Dissident Daughter. In it she chronicles her journey from the conventional values of a Christian wife, mother, writer, and woman in a male dominated society to the full awakening of herself as a woman. Completely herself. Defined as herself. Without the filters and restraints of a patriarchal society. She writes about her dreams and experiences of synchronicity along the way. As I was reading last night I thought how nice for her. That never happens to me.

Then…. last night I had a dream. A very vivid dream.

In it I was sailing above the ocean. I was hunting a dolphin. I knew I was suppose to kill it. But I did not want to. I leaned down and brushed the surface of the water. In secret I was trying to call the dolphin. Then I saw the dolphin near the shore. The water was filled with trash and the dolphin was struggling. About to give up. I jumped in and cradled the dolphin in my arms like a baby. It was so very small. I waded along the shore calling for people to help me. No one would. Then I knew I had to do it by myself. Summoning all my strength I managed to get us both out of the water and I took it to clean water.

What do I think about this dream?
My Journey Begins.

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